About us

Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture around is the porter of the base from Aichi Prefecture to the whole country of single people, students and female mini moving / transportation Quick service!

Cargo insurance conditioning, seven days a week (24 hours a day) estimate Free is
easy at WEB, moving , transportation I can estimate of Carry luggage of hospitalized and training camp, such as when was the big shopping, transportation and of those that do not carry in the car or taxi traveling abroad, travel, leisure time, can also be delivered from the airport and the train station to a destination other … regular flight transportation , delivery of emergency goods , Handy carry – charter flight agency operation and transportation assistant.

Sales offices: Nagoya City, some parts of the Nisshin City, Aichi County other Aichi Prefecture municipalities and Mie and Gifu Prefecture red hat for transportation by light cargo, please leave also moving and transportation in the narrow streets and small place The size of the red hat vehicles, cargo bed length 1.94m, width 1.33m, height 1.40m, maximum loading capacity 350Kg.

When you are troubled by the move and transportation is, please feel free to Contact us